Pet Care Simplified™

Pawrus®’s mission is to teach pet parents and professionals to elevate their relationships with animals positively.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Self-reliance is vital for ethical and effective pet care.

This is why we aim to teach you to positively train and groom your pets using easy and practical ways, hoping that it will empower you and your pets with the love, knowledge and skills for a lifetime and beyond.

On behalf of all animals on this planet, thank you for advocating for positive pet care.

Love, Pawrus®

Our Pedagogy

Pawrus® Group (保乐思集团) was incorporated in Singapore in 2014.

Headquartered in Singapore, Pawrus® operates two Divisions, Animal Behaviour & Training and Pet Grooming.

The Pet Grooming Division has a Pet Grooming Academy and a Pet Grooming Studio.

The Animal Behaviour & Training Division has an Animal Behaviour Clinic and a Dog Training Academy. (inactive)

Rooted in trademarked techniques harmonised from the latest developments in art & science, Pawrus®’s refined solutions are delivered nationally and globally by leading pet care specialists through our critically acclaimed Programs and Services.


Established on decades of animal training and grooming expertise, we have successfully developed a proprietary blueprint which has guided countless pet parents and their pets towards positive outcomes.

Anchored by the latest behavioural science using positive reinforcement, these methods are not entirely novel; at least in the application aspect of it. Its use has been documented for human beings in the training of Olympic athletes, educators working with special needs children, Fortune 500 management and of course, marine mammal and zoological trainers! Now, we are bringing our version to human coaching for companion animal training and grooming.

It is unlikely that you will find something like us in this country, region, planet or even, this universe. We are the first and only pet care group in Singapore to successfully trademark our curriculums and techniques. Our revolutionary training and grooming pedagogies centres upon educational techniques designed to build confidence with positive emotions, develop compassion with social competence and nurture creativity in real-life challenging situations. In time, you and your pet will learn to communicate effectively with each other, creating a lifetime bond founded on mutual trust, respect, and love.

Our Trademarked Teaching Methods

At Pawrus®, we believe that all animals deserves to be cared for with force-free and fear free methods.

These methods are the registered trademarks of Pawrus Pte. Ltd.

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) Trademark Registration Nos.:

  • 40201900504Q
  • 40201900499U
  • 40201900500W
  • 40201900501P
  • 40201900503R
  • 40201900504Q
  • 40201927783R
  • 40201927785U
  • 40201900507X
  • 40201927784Q
  • 40201900509S

The Design Of Our Flagship Campus

Our Flagship Clementi Campus is located at 352 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-117, Singapore 120352. In front of our campus lies a beautiful forest, Dover Forest, where our animal and human students can go for a one-to-one stroll and enjoy the outdoors.

Our one-of-a-kind campus is designed to transform to adapt to the needs of our animal and human students. Every feature in our campus was specifically conceptualised to mimic real-world conditions.

Additional emphasis has been placed on hygiene and comfort to ensure that what we do at our campus is safe for all relevant stakeholders involved. It has been conclusively proven that in a traditionally rote learning scenario, a consistent environment generally results in positive outcomes for learning, growth, and development. However, it limits what we can achieve vis-à-vis our new-age teaching pedagogies.


The Future: Our Vision

Today, in the aftermath of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine War, our pets and we live in an unpredictable world. Change is the new constant. Thus, it is paramount that our animal and human students consciously internalise and practice the skill of adaptability in all situations to the highest degree. Survival is merely existing and existing; for us, is not a good enough reason to be alive.

We want our students to dare to dream of a purpose-driven life, be able to thrive consistently and realistically accomplish their dreams in an ever-changing world. To learn is to be perceptible through the five senses. Hence, every one of the five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and, taste, have been carefully considered within our facility features. Therefore, as our students learn and grow to achieve their goals, it is of utmost importance that we stay ahead always.

The love of learning is heavily influenced by the environment that they are first exposed to. Therefore, we have spent much thought to design an environment that is not only functional, but futuristic enough to accommodate any turbulences that they might experience.

Furthering this train of thought, we have successfully interwoven concept, design, and functionality with our innovative teaching pedagogies to assemble our beloved campus.

Our vision is to lead the positive pet care revolution for all. We teach and assist animal professionals and pet parents to elevate their relationships using positive values, rooted in behavioural science research on positive reinforcement methods enhancing emotional baselines. We have made it our life’s mission to imbue confidence, cultivate compassion and nurture creativity for the betterment of the pet-parent relationship over lifetimes and beyond.

A great teacher is similar to a perpetual candle, burning themselves down to light the world for you and your best friend. Your animal companions’ and your welfare will always be our number one priority.

Infinite possibilities await. See you and your pet at our flagship campus.

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We Have Four Activity Areas

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