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It is now known that continuing training past puppy life stages is essential to the nurturing of a confident dog that can use the knowledge and skills effectively to successfully triumph over life’s unpredictable challenges. This intermediate private class curriculum is suitable for dogs who has had some elementary training (e.g. Confident Puppy or Confident Canine) and for dog parents who would wish to progress to the next phase of their dog’s education.


Thinking Canine

  • Six private sessions
  • 3 months validity, no extensions allowed
  • Expert WhatsApp and email support upon Enrolment
  • 3 months limited email and telephone support upon Graduation
Friday & Saturday
10AM & 2PM
Client’s location, outdoor locations are permitted if vaccinations are completed
Dog Age:
5 months - 7 years of age
  • Program:
    • Full Course: 2 x 120 minutes, 4 x 90 minutes, in-home
      • (west): SGD5000
      • (mainland): SGD5600
      • (sentosa): SGD6800
    • Where am I located?
      • (west): postal sector 11-13; 58-71
      • (mainland): postal sector 1-10, excl. sentosa; 14-57; 72-80
      • (sentosa): postal sector 09
    • Additional dogs @ 50% fees each
      • Requirements:
        • Must belong to the same household
        • Possess similar training proficiency
        • Attend same lesson as the first dog
    More About The Program

    “This class was intentionally designed to build an in-depth proficiency in conventional and novel situations, for example being around other people and dogs. It is positioned to represent our eccentric focus to guide dogs and dog parents towards achievable objectives. At every checkpoint along their journeys, the mutual magical bonding towards a relationship centred on trust and love is occurring.”

    Made for Thinking Dogs

    Thinking Canine is a Trademarked Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Curriculum.

    In this dog training programme, you will learn to develop your adolescent dog’s basic skills further into valuable skills for real-life usage.

    Your dog will learn useful intermediate life skills such as regulating their emotional mind to develop strong stimulus control. We will also stretch the plasticity of their canine mind to increase cue response by continuously exposing them to a series of challenging scenarios in indoor and outdoor environments with positive consequences.

    Puppies can bring along a maximum of two human family members. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to provide safe supervision for puppies and children both.


    What Will You Learn?

    • Shaping your dog to perform a wave – high five – paw shake
    • Super steady stay on mat with distractions (e.g. exciting stuff, other dogs and people.)
    • Rocket recall (on-pilot leash & off-leash) with distractions
    • Cueing your dog to walk politely on leash for long distances
    • Greeting strangers and other dogs properly
    • Pushing a ball through a goal using nose-targeting
    • Before every session, please prepare a reasonable amount of high-quality, semi-moist, bite-sized food reinforcers (commercial treats are acceptable) that you know your dog will love.
    • A variety of food reinforcers (i.e. ≥3) is recommended.
    • Suggested size for each food reinforcer is 0.5cm by 0.5cm.
    • These food reinforcers will be used to teach your dog new behaviours.
    • To prevent food-related allergies, by default, our team will not be using our own food reinforcers.
    • In the event that you allow us to use our food reinforcers, you hereby agree that our team will not be held responsible for any food-related allergies.
    • 1x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy i-Click Clicker (Assorted Colours)
    • 1x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Training Mat
    • 2x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Soccer Dots (Assorted Colours)
    • 2x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Soccer Cones (Assorted Colours)
    • 1x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Soccer Ball
    • 3x E-Books
    • Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Rapid Rewards Training Treat Pouch
    • Ziwi Good Dog Rewards (Assorted Flavours)
    • 6-Foot (1.8m) Leash
    • Flat Collar
    • 5m, 10m, 25m Pilot/Long Leash
    • Blue-9 Balance Harness® Buckle-Neck
    • Karen Pryor Academy Terry Ryan Clik Stik
    • Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Tennis Balls
    • Slip Leash
    • Stretchy Leash
    • Adjustable Leash
    • Flexi/Retractable Leash
    • Multiple Dog Leash
    • Head Collar
    • Martingale/Half-Choke Collar
    • Slip/Full-Choke Collar
    • Prong/Pinch Collar
    • Beep/Electric/Shock/Remote/Vibration Collar
    • Invisible/Electric Fence


    Healthy microchipped dogs with updated annual core vaccinations (Parvovirus, Distemper & Adenovirus) or annual titer test reflecting immunity of Parvovirus, Distemper & Adenovirus.

    Dogs must be alumni who have completed either Tiny Paws, Confident Puppy or Confident Canine.

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