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The Elite Positive Dog Trainer is our flagship professional dog trainer program. Ideal for beginners with no prior experience, the program accepts applications on a limited enrolment basis with an extremely small class size.

This is the first and only professional dog trainer program in Singapore to synergise the development of positive emotions in dogs and people with science-based ethological methods. The program is delivered by leading pet care specialists in both national and world formats.

Widely recognised as the gold standard of professional dog trainer programs, it is known to be highly selective at all stages of the enrolment process, making it challenging to be successfully enrolled.

We have set our selection standards at the highest level to select the right students whom we think possesses the suitable qualities to create the next ground breaking trend in the dog training industry.


The Elite Positive Dog Trainer

  • Not Accepting Applications
  • You must have your personal equipment when enrolled for the Program. It is strongly advised to purchase the Professional Student Set from the Academy. Students must minimally purchase the Clicker and Treat Pouch if not purchasing the Professional Student Set from the Academy.
  • Students must check with their Supervising Teacher to determine if the equipment meets the minimum standards of use for the Program. If the evaluated equipment are not suitable, you will be asked to purchase the Professional Student Set before you begin the Program. The Academy does not provide equipment for students to borrow.
  • You must have your own learner dog that would work through the program with you. You can borrow someone’s dog provided you have frequent access to it during the program. It is not recommended to buy a dog specially for this Program. The Academy does not provide dogs for students to borrow.
  • 3 months limited email support upon Graduation
National Lesson Days:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
World Lesson Days:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
10AM & 2PM
Online & Multiple Locations in Singapore
  • Program:
    • National: SGD60000 for complete program, twenty online sessions, twenty hands-on sessions (full-time fixed-schedule, weekday/weekend, 6 months validity)
    • World: USD50000 for complete program, twenty online sessions, twenty accelerated hands-on sessions (full-time fixed-schedule, weekday/weekend, 6 months validity)
    • SkillsFuture Credit: Not Applicable
  • Assessment:
    • Certified Partner Examination: SGD500/attempt
      • Maximum 3 attempts
  • Equipment:
    • Professional Student Set: SGD280
More About The Program

“This program is intentionally created to nurture the dog training revolutionaries of the next century.”

The Elite Positive Dog Trainer is a Trademarked Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Curriculum and uniquely developed in collaboration with Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy.

This is the first and only professional dog trainer program in Singapore imparting two highly differentiated skillsets.

In this industry-leading professional program, you will learn our core values of compassion, confidence and by extension, the creativity necessary to excel in the dog training industry.


Our curriculum, the first-of-its-kind to be grounded in art and science, reflects the bedding for the careful seeding, selective inculcation, and critical development of these core values. Our pet care team have placed extensive thought into the crafting of the industry’s most holistic and comprehensive package of knowledge and skills. By collaborating with the best in the industry and acquiring the requisite expertise, time and effort, we have successfully tuned it into a complete system comprising of simple and effective life lessons that nourishes and grows the next-generation dog trainer.

Upon graduation from the program, you will feel empowered and ready to use the hard technical and soft inter-personal skills that you have learnt to not only challenge but blossom beautifully in the competitive dog training industry. Our Graduates regularly attest that this is undoubtedly the wisest investment that any aspiring professional positive dog trainer can make for their career.

For Graduates, the Supervising Teacher will facilitate Career Development Pathways upon Graduation.

Professional Certificate & Certification

Pawrus® Graduate: Professional Dog Training Certificate will be awarded to Students who meet Graduating Requirements.

Pawrus® Certified Partner Trainer™ (PCPT™): Positive Dog Trainer Professional Certification will be offered to Students who meet Certification Requirements.


What Will You Learn?

  • Dog Origin, History & Evolution
  • Dog Physiology, Genetics & Ethology
  • Dog Health and Diseases
  • Dog First Aid
  • Dog Body Language & Emotional Signals
  • Dog Verbal Language & Emotional Signals
  • Dog Socialisation & Behavioural Ontogeny
  • Dog Emotions, Moods & Personality
  • Low Stress Handling Concepts
  • Fear Free Concepts
  • Learning Theory: Associative & Non-Associative
  • Science-Based Positive Reinforcement & Clicker Training
  • Luring, Capturing, Shaping and Targeting
  • Naming Behaviours with Cues
  • Cue Control: Basic Fluency in Precision, Latency and Speed
  • Cue Control: Intermediate Fluency in Distractions, Duration and Distance
  • Cue Control: Advanced Fluency in Concept Identification & Discrimination
  • Behaviour Chains
  • Compound & Modifier Cues
  • Training for Intelligence
  • Human Body Language & Emotional Signals
  • Human Verbal Language & Emotional Signals
  • Human Emotions, Moods & Personality
  • Adaptive Teaching Pedagogies
  • Learner Styles & Technology-Based Teaching
  • Curriculum & Instructional Design
  • Vertical & Lateral Thinking
  • Business Setup & Marketing
  • Partnership & Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Design & Strategies
  • Offered to Performing Students who have Completed Module One
  • Waived Tuition Fees
  • Must Commit to At Least Twenty On-Job-Training Work Days
  • 3 Months Tenure, Renewable Quarterly
  • Pass: Graduate with Highest Distinction (A+)
  • Pass: Graduate with High Distinction (A)
  • Pass: Graduate with Distinction (A-)
  • Pass: Graduate with Merit (B+)
  • Pass: Graduate with Pass (B/B-)
  • Fail: Re-Test (C)
  • Fail: Incompletion (D)
  • Fail: Expulsion (E)
  • Dog Training Academies
  • Dog Training Schools
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Doggy Daycare Centers
  • Dog Breeding Facilities
  • Singapore, Singapore (PCPT™)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (PCPT™)
  • Tel Aviv, Israel (PCPT™)
  • United Kingdom (UK) (PCPT™)
  • United States of America (USA) (PCPT™)
  • Aspiring Professional Positive Dog Trainers
    • 5x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy i-Click Clicker (Assorted Colours)
    • 2x Pawrus® Dog Training Academy Rapid Rewards Training Treat Pouch (Green and Orange)
    • 1x Karen Pryor Academy Terry Ryan Clik Stik
    • 3x Ziwi Good Dog Rewards (Assorted Flavours)
    • Proceed to Campus Tour
    • Indicate The Elite Positive Dog Trainer
    • Tours are Available at 2PM Only
    • Please provide 3 Dates in Order of Preference

    Admission Criteria | Graduating & Certification Requirements | Application Instructions

    As this is a physically and mentally demanding program, our prospective students are expected to meet these requirements to be considered for admission:

    • No prior experience required.
    • Passion for animals.
    • Minimum 16 years old and above.
    • Proficient in English or Mandarin Chinese.
    • Possess perfect vision (20/20 with or without glasses / lenses).
    • Physically and mentally fit.
    • For safety, pregnant females must obtain a Certification Letter endorsed by their Gynaecologist/Doctor certifying their fitness.


    To Graduate with a Certificate, a Student must:

    • Earn the minimum equivalent of a B- on the Pawrus® Certified Partner Examination
    • Fulfill an attendance rate of ≥90%
    • Abide to the Pawrus® Student Code of Conduct


    To Obtain Certification, a Student must:

    • Earn the minimum equivalent of an A- on the Pawrus® Certified Partner Examination
    • Minimum 18 years old and above.
    • Sign a yearly pledge and uphold the standards of practice


    Congratulations on your decision to apply to the Pawrus® Dog Training Academy: The Elite Positive Dog Trainer Program!

    1. Download, Read and Complete the Student Enrolment Form.
    2. E-mail Please title your e-mail as “Application to Pawrus® Dog Training Academy: The Elite Positive Dog Trainer (National/World) – Full Name” and attach the completed form to the e-mail.
    • Example: Application to Pawrus® Dog Training Academy: The Elite Positive Dog Trainer (National) – Jane Tan Bee Gee

    We will assess your application once all required information is received. You will be notified of your application’s outcome via e-mail.

    How Does It Work?

    Pawrus Pte.Ltd.

    Step 1: Application.

    Getting to know you is the crucial first step. We will be in touch once we have assessed the information that you have submitted. You may be asked to provide more details for us to better assess your suitability for the program.

    Step 2: Evaluation.

    Our team will keenly evaluate the application that you submitted. We might also get in touch to schedule and conduct a face-to-face / virtual interview with you to understand more about your goals. At this stage, we will address any concerns and inhibitions by explaining the curriculum to you in detail so that you know what to expect if you are accepted for the program. Based on the evaluation results, we will inform you that either you are suitable to progress to the next stage of enrolment or recommend alternative solutions whenever necessary.

    Pawrus Pte.Ltd.
    Pawrus Pte.Ltd.

    Step 3: Offer and Acceptance.

    Congratulations. If you meet the strict requirements set by us, we will inform successful applicants such as yourself that they have been accepted for The Elite Positive Dog Trainer Program! Offers will be made in writing via e-mail. You may be offered in any of our offer periods prior to the commencement of the program. You make the final choice from our offer. Once offered, our offer is only valid for that semester and expires if it is not accepted. A 100% deposit of the program fees is required to reserve and confirm your space in the intake that you have applied for. If an offer expires, an applicant will have to submit a fresh application and restart the entire enrolment process. Offers may not be held or carried over to consecutive semesters unless under extenuating circumstances. Offers may also be withdrawn at any time at our discretion.

    Step 4: Matriculation and Orientation.

    School is almost here and you’ve been successfully enrolled! To begin your learning journey, you will attend a four-hour orientation to better prepare yourself for life in our school.

    Pawrus Pte.Ltd.
    Pawrus Pte.Ltd.

    Step 5: Learning and Evolution.

    We hope that you are ready to undergo a process of learning and self-discovery with the world’s most advanced professional dog training school. We are looking forward to working with you to create an endless ripple that would reverberate continuously throughout the entire dog training industry for centuries to come.

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