Pawrus® Scholarship

Pawrus® Scholarship


The Prestigious Pawrus® Scholarship is an accelerated comprehensive program that prepares aspiring career professionals for a lifetime of pet care excellence.

Applicants should be Singapore Citizens between 16-21 years old and possess a serious long-term commitment towards studying and working in the pet care industry.


Interested applicants begin by applying for the Pawrus® Internship as either a Dog Training Intern or Pet Grooming Intern. Once an application is received, Internship Officers will interview the applicant to determine if they possess the suitable attitude and aptitude for the placement. If the Applicant is selected and subsequently accepts the Internship Offer, they will begin as an Intern. Interns are responsible for purchasing their personal workwear and equipment before they begin the Internship.


• Month 1: Probationary Interns are introduced to the industry with simplified on-job-training assignments.

Interns begin in a Learning Internship with a fixed stipend after the first month.

• Month 2-6: Interns build their novice knowledge and skills with accessible on-job-training assignments.


Interns who complete their internship satisfactorily get a Certificate of Achievement. This important document allows them to apply for the Pawrus® Scholarship. Scholarship applications must be additionally accompanied by a Scholarship Essay.

Interns will then undergo a Scholarship Interview with a Guarantor. Thereafter, Scholarship Officers will evaluate the application by comparing his/her internship performance against our stringent criterion. If the Intern is awarded the Scholarship, he/she will receive a Bonded Scholarship Offer from Pawrus®.

Scholarship Roadmap

• 10 Years


Trainees begin in a Growing Traineeship with a fixed stipend.

• Year 1: Junior Trainees develop their beginner knowledge and skills with routine on-job-training assignments.
• Year 2: Senior Trainees establish their elementary knowledge and skills with standard on-job-training assignments.


Apprentices begin in an Excelling Apprenticeship with an attractive compensation package.

• Year 3-4: Junior Apprentices consolidate their pre-intermediate knowledge and skills with challenging on-job-training assignments.
• Year 5-7: Middle Apprentices accentuate their intermediate knowledge and skills with dynamic on-job-training assignments.
• Year 8-10: Senior Apprentices exemplify their advanced knowledge and skills with momentous on-job-training assignments.


• 5 Years | S$200,000

i. Guarantor Requirements

• Must be Singapore Citizens.
• Must be at least 21 years of age and shall not exceed 60 years of age.
• Must not be a Bankrupt.
• Must submit their identity cards and proof of income to Pawrus® for verification.


1 Professional Certification

i. Scholars who complete their Junior Traineeship become Graduates of their respective Elite Professional Program and Pawrus® Certified Partners.

ii. Scholars who complete their Senior Traineeship become eligible to attempt external professional certifications at the Apprentice Level.

iii. Scholars who complete their Junior Apprenticeship become eligible to attempt external professional certifications at the Intermediate Level.

iv. Scholars who complete their Middle Apprenticeship become eligible to attempt external professional certifications at the Advanced Level.

v. Scholars who complete their Senior Apprenticeship become eligible to attempt external professional certifications at the Master Level.

2 Sponsored Education

i. Academy Membership, Program, Certification and Miscellaneous Fees are waived.

ii. Academy Equipment Fees are reimbursed by half.

iii. Professional Certification Fees are reimbursed by half.

iv. Local Exchange Program Fees are waived.

v. Overseas Exchange Program Fees are waived.

• Expenses incurred on reasonable land travel, sea travel, air travel, temporary lodging and food expenses will be reimbursed (up to a capped amount).

• Expenses incurred on reasonable extra-curricular spending will be reimbursed (up to a capped amount).

3 Excellent Career Prospects

i. Scholars enjoy stable job security in both good and bad economic environments.

ii. Scholars experience a fulfilling career with exceptional satisfaction, benefits and progression.

iii. Scholars are nurtured to lead highly-specialised teams to achieve individual and corporate targets.

iv. Scholars are empowered to lead, conceptualise and design real-life work systems that optimise human and animal welfare, efficiency and profitability.

v. Scholars are routinely exposed to different specialised pet care sectors: grooming, training, daycare, boarding, handling, show, breeding, veterinary etc.

vi. Scholars acquire cross-functional skillsets through experiencing, appreciating and reflecting on these unique and diverse opportunities.

4 Dedicated Mentorship

i. Scholars are assigned an attentive mentor who can provide specific advice concerning their knowledge, skills, experience, certification and values.

ii. Scholars will be guided by their mentor to achieve their career goals using a proven training system.

iii. Scholars are prioritised for Local and Overseas Exchange Programs.

5 It’s Not Just A Job, It’s Love

i. Scholars genuinely love work as a profession that cares for animals while providing for their loved ones.

ii. Scholars are taught to focus on deepening intangibles such as values over tangibles. 

6 Competitive Remuneration

i. Earn-And-Learn: Interns receive a monthly stipend of S$900.

ii. Earn-And-Grow: Trainees receive a monthly stipend of S$1200-S$1400.

iii. Earn-And-Excel: Apprentices receive a monthly salary (with CPF contribution) plus compensation benefits corresponding to their job description.

— This Pawrus® Scholarship was last updated on 31 July 2022 —