The Pawrus® Apprenticeship is a 5 to 10-years training program that prepares aspiring career professionals for a lifetime of pet care excellence.

Pawrus® Apprentices are expected to learn, grow and excel to become future changemakers driving the positive pet care revolution.

Applicants must be Singapore Citizens (SC) / Permanent Residents (PR) between 16-25 years old and possess a serious long-term commitment towards working in the pet care industry.

Interested Applicants are welcome to e-mail us at with the title “Request for Pawrus® Apprenticeship”, complete with a cover letter, resume and portfolio.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


• 12-36 Months: Fresh Apprentices are introduced to the industry with simplified on-job-training assignments. This period will be unpaid.
• 12-24 Months: Junior Apprentices consolidate their elementary knowledge and skills with challenging on-job-training assignments.
• 12-24 Months: Senior Apprentices accentuate their intermediate knowledge and skills with dynamic on-job-training assignments.
• 24-36 Months: Master Apprentices exemplify their advanced knowledge and skills with momentous on-job-training assignments.