Animal Communication: Fact or Myth?

Animal Communication: Fact or Myth?

June 1, 2021

In our busy and hectic lifestyles, we rarely get to spend quality time with our pets. Our faithful companion waits for us for up to 10 hours a day or more, only to greet us happily upon our return from work/school. As a pet parent, sometimes we wonder, do we really know what our pets are thinking? Do they feel lonely? Do they feel boredom? Do they want to go out? These are all questions that pet owners would love to have answers to. Luckily for us, there exists those who call themselves ‘pet psychics’ – people with the ability to communicate with animals, both dead and alive. Are they able to live up to their reputation as claimed? Is Animal Communication an abstract reality or a mere myth?


The Realm of Animal Communication

What is a ‘pet psychic’? The definition from Wikipedia is:

A pet psychic, or animal communicator is a person who claims to communicate psychically with animals.

Pet psychics claim to use Reiki, a method of extrasensory perception that converts electromagnetic signals into invisible telepathic messages that are perceived objectively by the user. To accord legitimacy to the trade, famed pet psychics like Rosina Maria Aquati have been in the pet communication business for decades. Furthermore, she has had disciples all over the world who has come to her to learn her art of pet communication, which lends a bout of truth to her skill as an animal communicator.

As the realm of pet communication is usually an unregulated one and largely unscientific, it is contingent that we rely on whatever anecdotal evidence there is to test out the effectiveness of this skill. One example is examined in context here.

From the testimony above, it seems that pet communication is a carefully crafted farce that relies on a keen observation of the pet’s immediate behaviour and temperament. The prior statement is similar to the techniques used by seasoned dog trainers such as Cesar Milan and Karen Pryor. Coincidentally, this method of deducing animal behaviour is similar to what I have learnt when I was trained as a dog trainer in the armed forces as well. (Ref. Dog Body Language and Signals)

On the contrary, there has been a numerous amounts of glorious reviews on the nameplates of animal communicators, both locally and internationally. However, note that most reviews are given from a customer point of view. Here, the adage ‘you believe what you think you are made to believe’ is relevant to a large extent. In this fashion, the telepathy seems to have hit a note between the animal communicator and the owner, rather than the communicator and the pet.

Nevertheless, if you would like to check them out, a Google Search churns out three Singapore-based Animal Communicators:

1. Zeus Communications

2. Animal Communications Singapore

All of them uses Reiki, which is regularly quoted as the ‘de facto’ method of communicating with animals, as well as being pervasively used as a subversive method of natural healing. Accredited by International Reiki Organisations (, there seems to be widespread support for it, as it boasts a huge and keen group of avid supporters for the art.


Pet Communication: An Unbelievable Truth

The Art of Animal Communication is a telepathic method that proclaims to connect humans’ thoughts and animals’ emotions together. Akin to establishing a telephone wire between two parties, this creates a clear channel of communication that allows messages to be transmitted and received in a precise manner. Subsequently, this leaves no room for mistake or doubt for miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Call me a cynic, but my hours of digging on the net on the credibility of this art has yielded the results of this investigation as largely inconclusive and to an extreme extent, mythic. As the preliminary judgement is starting to skew away from the support of this art, there might be a small caveat within this urban legend. For pet parents who want to find closure, clarify doubts, or simply to have someone reassert their fears and inhibitions, in their desperation; this might be the only solution that sounds feasible to them.



Animal Communication: Fact or Myth?
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